More Than Just Internet

Yes, we have great technology, but at the end of the day we want to be known for our customer service. Our honesty. Our integrity. Knowing our customers are being taken care of is of the utmost importance to us.

Locally Owned

Starwire Technologies has been in business since 2007. Joe and Sara co-own the company, with Joe gaining his experience in the computer industry by helping his father run a local independent computer repair business, and Sara having boots on the ground experience in hospitality, establishing a wealth of networking connections. Together, they have built Starwire from the ground up.

#1 Recommended

80% of our customers chose Starwire based on a referral by a trusted friend.

The outside of the Starwire office.

Mission & Values

We aim to raise the standard for customer service and better our community by providing a reliable high-speed Internet service to those who live in areas that are unserved or underserved.

Customer Service

We prioritize the needs and satisfaction of our customers by providing a reliable service, clear and transparent communication, personalized support all to ensure our customers have a satisfying experience.


Our customers welcome us into their homes and businesses, we don’t take that trust lightly. Trust in our customer service and our technology means everything to us.


Starwire Technologies operates with integrity – in an ethical and transparent manner, prioritizing the well-being and privacy of its users over profits.


We aim to instill confidence in our customers through authentic communication, interactions and education.

Our Starwire Team

A picture of Amber, Mat, Rob and Joe
Back row, left to right: Amber Cook, Mat Jones, Rob Tacheny, and Joe Cremin.
Joe Cremin
Amber Cook
Office Manager
Robert Tacheny
Lead Technician
Mat Jones

We're hiring!

Looking for a rewarding position with a team of incredible folks? Look no further. We’re hiring!

Fiber Laborer Crew Member/Tower Climber

Horizontal Directional Drill Operator

Horizontal Directional Drill Locator

Business Assistant

"We had a friend that switched over to Starwire about 6 months ago and they loved it. We called to see if we were able to get it and we weren’t in the service area, but they told us they would call if something changed. Just 3 weeks ago they called to say they added new towers and asked if we were still interested! We definitely were! The installation was quick, professional and we are in LOVE! It’s just like being in the city having broadband! It’s so quick! We highly recommend Starwire!"

Carla H


Have a question? Check out our frequently asked questions below. Our FAQs are designed to provide quick and easy answers to common questions, and to help you better understand our services and business.

Should I reboot when I have trouble?

No. Call Starwire before rebooting your devices. Once things have been rebooted it "erases" the history and makes it harder for us to troubleshoot and find the culprit. We need to see the issues "in action" in order to best diagnose it, which means seeing it before changes are made, like rebooting the device.

What are the speeds and prices?

Once we have your physical address we can start with knowing if we can provide service to your location. If we can provide service to your location we will then know what services are available for your location.

Will my monthly bill change?

No! Your monthly bill with remain the same.. EVERY month!

Will I be able to game?

Yes!  Our latency is consistent, our speeds are as advertised (and if they're not, we want to hear about it). and we have many gamers on our service that enjoy it.

Is it reliable?

Yes! Starwire stands behind its product. We take what we do very seriously. If you do experience any issues, we want to be the first to know so we can help diagnose this issue and help get things working again.

Is it satellite?

No! Satellite signal has to make it from the ground to orbit/outer space. This causes high ping times, latency and poor connection due to weather.

Can I stream with your service?

Yes! Our team members will help you determine which service is best for your needs.

Still have questions?

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us and fire away!

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Have questions? No worries! Shoot us an email or give us a call and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


PO Box 428, Siren, WI 54872
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